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Join Team Zebra! We’re hiring…

Available Positions: Content Marketing & Social Media Co-ordinator

Closing Date: 12:00am, Monday 15th June 2015

Salary: Dependent on Experience

This is an exciting opportunity to join our dedicated, creative and forward thinking SEO team based in the city centre of Newcastle upon Tyne. We are looking for a qualified, motivated individual who is able to deal with working in a demanding, fast paced, collaborative environment.

As a Content Marketing Co-ordinator & Social Media Co-ordinator, you’ll be part of a team that is determined to deliver high standards to clients. Being part of the team you will be expected to maintain and exceed standards to ensure the clients receive the service we’re so proud to deliver.

The person we seek must possess excellent communication skills, be able to deal with an intense work load and be committed to working effectively and cooperatively in a team based environment. Please refer to the full job description for further information on the role advertised.

Personal and professional development is important for the team at every level of seniority. You will be encouraged to pursue relevant further education and training, to attend conferences and seminars and be an active contributor to the innovation and collaboration which is at the heart of Zebra’s culture. We dress down on Fridays, celebrate birthdays in style and take every opportunity to send our colleagues to the Prize Cupboard.

We positively welcome applications from all sections of the community and actively promote equal opportunities…

Please visit to download the application pack.

Team Zebra Get Festive…

Christmas Competition 2014!

This year, we’d love you to take part in our Zebra-themed Christmas festivities, to be in with the chance of winning some special prizes for both you and your business!

The competition will be taking place on our Twitter account @the_zebras, so make sure you’re following and getting involved in our daily tweets and clues…

The Zebra Days Of Christmas

Throughout December we’ll be tweeting 12 sets of facts and information about exciting web related services, marked with the hashtag #ZebraDaysOfXmas and the clue number, e.g. #clue1. Collect the first letter of each tweet to spell out one of everyone’s favourite Christmas events, which you have to collate by ‘favouriting’ each of the marked tweets, and submitting your answer via Twitter after the #clue12 is released!

To make it super easy for you, we’ll be copying the relevant tweets here on Zebra Social, so if you’re a few days late to the competition you can still get involved!

The winner will be selected at random and announced in the days following the competition, and will receive Zebra bubbles (champagne or bathtime variety – your choice!), and a special domain name related prize for your business.

Good Luck!

Zebra Xmas

 The Clues

Clue 1 – Christmas is almost here, and with it the .christmas domain name, now available at !

Clue 2 – Have a very Merry Christmas with solutions are what everyone’s asked Santa for right?

Clue 3 – Rekindle your love for stats this Xmas with our  training services. Measuring is the key to success.  

Clue 4 – Is your office winding down for Santa? The best businesses are already considering tactics for the New Year…

Clue 5 – Social Media Marketing is one of the fastest growing areas for brand exposure – especially in the Xmas run up!  

Clue 6 – Tis the season and all – what better way to get in the tech spirit with a .christmas domain name?   

Clue 7 – Maybe you’re starting to plan your post-xmas  strategies …. and perhaps you should enlist Team Zebra for help!  

Clue 8 – Are you all set to kick-start your  and Online Presence in the New Year? Call our experts on 0191 2612252   

Clue 9 – Santa will already be loading up his sleigh ready for the big day! Have you been naughty or nice this year?  

Clue 10 – Even this close to Christmas, there’s still time to make your brand shine on social media. Call us on 0191 2612252.  

Clue 11 – Vine was one of our favourite social networks of 2014… What was yours?  

Clue 12 – Eeek! It’s final clue time! Make sure you visit  if you’ve missed any!   


Halloween 2014!


Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween!
From top right:
Will Green, Work Exp
Declan Ellis, SEO Assistant
Reece Storey, Admin Assistant
Camille Taylor, Head of SEO
Annabel Cornish, MD

 Work Experience – October 2014

At Team Zebra, we love to offer young people the chance to gain an insight into the world of work. In October 2014, Will Green joined us for a week of Work Experience from Gosforth Academy. He’s marked his time with us with a Zebra exposé…

Will Green
Will & his Zebra Pumpkin Carving!

My Week as a Zebra, by Will Green

 Day 1…

So it’s finally here, half term has arrived! A week of lie-ins, Netflix and doing nothing all day…but not for me. This half term I was doing 9-5:30 days at Zebra Internet Services, gaining some work experience for a hopeful career in the marketing sector.

I began with an 8am start followed by a bowl of Cheerio’s and a glass of orange juice. After brushing the dust off my shirt and trousers (I’m a sixth form student who rarely dresses formally) I was ready to go. I finally made it to the office after a delayed metro and an interesting encounter with Google maps taking me on what seemed like a tour of Newcastle’s city centre. After buzzing myself into the building I was greeted by Reece Storey who showed me the fire procedure,

Zebra Social
Working on social media…

the first aid kit and most importantly how to use the coffee machine. After being shown around I was introduced to Camille who would be looking after me for the week. She explained the basics of what her and her sub team did, and what I would be doing throughout the week. After meeting her I met Declan, The SEO assistant who went through what his role in the company was, talking me through Online reputation and how Zebra as a company helps and looks after its clients. I was beginning to get a clearer picture of what marketing was, and the processes used by companies to effectively reach prospective clients over the internet.

I was quickly being bombarded with new terminology that I’d never heard resulting in numerous questions by me as to what they meant. This naivety is what led me to my first task, in which I was asked to create a glossary of technically specific terms featured on the website as well as in the industry itself, to be used by clients, who like me, may be less accustomed to the technical jargon used in the industry. This was a steep learning curve that not only taught me the definitions themselves, but also enhanced my understanding of what Zebra did in each area of the Business.

After making a strong start on the glossary, it was time for lunch. After eating a much needed Subway and walking around some shops my lunch hour was quickly over and it was time to get back to work.

Once returning back to my desk and grabbing a drink I was set the task of looking at Zebra’s social media accounts and writing a report on what was working and what could be improved. As a long time Facebook, Twitter and Instagram user, I pictured this as a breeze, however it quickly became apparent that using social media for personal use and social media for business use are two very different things. I looked at methods of promotion used by existing companies and came up with some new ideas myself to present a set of ideas to reach more clients on each social media platform already used by Zebra.

It was now around 3 and I was set my final task of the day, which was to write a blog of what I’d done throughout the day which I will continue to do at the end of each day throughout the week. Even though it’s only my first day I have felt really welcomed by everyone here and have really enjoyed myself. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone here for allowing me to have this opportunity. So this leads me to the end of my blog for the first day, time to get home to Netflix!


The SEO Department
Declan & Camille

Day 2…

After arriving at the office today without touring Newcastle, I quickly got myself a cuppa and settled in for day 2. The morning started with a meeting with Camille about my progress yesterday on what was done well, and what still needed doing. My glossary was now looking very concise spanning over 5 pages and covering a large range of key terms in the industry. My analysis of the social media accounts needed a few adjustments, covering a few more social media platforms but was nearly finished. The review ended with me handing over my draft of my first day blog for a critical check, as it was now time to look at what I would be doing today. I was first asked to finish and adjust what I’d done yesterday accordingly so that I could continue to my next task.

After getting up to speed on everything I’d done on the first day, I then sat back down with Camille who talked me through what I’d be doing. Today I would be once again looking at Zebras social media accounts, coming up with a plan on how to push them forward and get the content reaching more prospective clients and people in the

Zebra HQ
Putting the coffee on for the team…

industry. I was given the ‘Social Phone’ (an iPhone in a zebra case) which gave me quick access to each of their social profiles, letting me have a closer look at them from their perspective.

I was now getting more of a feel for the accounts, so I began researching news stories in the sector and drafting tweets for their Twitter account. I also looked for local news stories relating to their business to Retweet, or even just irrelevant funny stories in the news as the twitter was relatively boring as it stood. Each strategy had the intention of gaining more publicity to the profile, and therefore the business.

After looking at their Twitter I then moved onto Instagram. I started by tweaking the bio so that it linked to the other social media accounts (I did this tweak on every platform to create a sense of formality). After giving myself a cheeky follow, I continued to draft ideas for the Instagram page with a lot of them being Halloween related (it’s Halloween on Friday) and involving the office dressing up. The team weren’t too chuffed about the idea of dressing up, but I’m sure a bit of persuasive talk will get them on board!

I then moved over to Facebook, where I drafted status’ for the page both related and non-related to the company. I also looked at other news stories in the sector that could drive traffic to the page through likes and shares. My favourite idea was to post a photo collage of the team in fancy dress and ask Facebook users to vote on their favourite, adding a bit of fun to the Facebook page. This would once again require some top notch persuasive skills by myself.

The day ended early today with me leaving at half three to go to my part time job, however tomorrow was a big day as I was putting these plans into action.



Halloween Zebra
The Model and The Carving

Day 3…

After making my Commute into town for the third day and grabbing a Greggs chicken bake, I was ready to start work.

The day started with Camille going over my Social media plan from the day before and looking at what was good and what wasn’t. We looked at what tweets were possible and discussed which would have the greatest positive impact to the accounts. I was also given back a marked draft of my blog, where I was asked to make changes accordingly.

After our meeting I spent the rest of morning drafting up some more finalised tweets and searched into local news to find some relevant and interesting content to post to the pages. I wrote up a final list of what I thought would benefit the companies exposure to new clients and then asked what to do next.

My next task was a bit of a surprise when they asked me to carve the staff Pumpkin. As a design student I can draw reasonably well but I was a bit rusty on my pumpkin carving skills (I was probably around 12 when I carved my last one). So after ‘researching’ how to do it on YouTube, me and Declan got a pen and a knife and set to it. Now I thought my pumpkin knowledge was bad, you would of thought Declan had never seen a pumpkin before as we both sat there staring at this big orange thing on the table. However after drawing what vaguely can be described as a zebra stencil onto the pumpkin we started carving. In the end it actually looked pretty good and we filmed the whole thing on a time-lapse as a bit of fun to post onto the social media.

After making the worlds biggest mess, breaking the bookshelf and

Zebra Office Halloween
The office gets decorated…

eating all the Halloween sweets, we were done causing havoc and went back to work. Due to Declan having too much work to do we were unable to get on the social media accounts so that would be done tomorrow. Instead an idea was hatched to send collaborating companies a little ‘Halloween treat’ with ‘Tweet us your treats’ written in the bag. This was done to both keep relations with Zebras partners strong, but to also hopefully generate a little bit of social media as well.

Camille and I worked together to do this and the result looked really good, with hand written envelopes to each client to try and create a personal touch to the sweets. So after writing this and Camille doing a post office run, I have finished my third day at Zebra and am looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer.


Nick Collins
A cheeky looking Nick in the corner…

Day 4…

So I’m nearing the end of my time at Zebra with today being my second to last day of 9 till 5 hours for some time. The day started similar with the early commute followed by a Greggs chicken bake (for the fourth day running) and me arriving at my desk ready to go.

It started again with Camille and I running over what I’d done yesterday and her taking a look at my blog from the previous day. After this we began by uploading the content from yesterday starting with Declan and I’s time lapse of us attempting to carve a pumpkin. We posted the video on YouTube and linked it to the Zebra website, Facebook, Twitter and blog page with it gaining a strong positive feedback from the public. This was a good exercise as we gained a few Twitter followers in the process (one of them being myself) and showed a fun side to the business.

After publicly shaming Declan and I’s pumpkin carving skills over the internet Camille went ahead and set up this blog onto the Zebra Social page along with a cheesy head shot of me alongside it. My blog went under the ‘World of Team Zebra’ section on the blog and was there for the public to read about what I’d been doing this week. We decided it was a bit text heavy so I went round taking pictures from the office relevant to what I’d been writing about just to break it up a little and not bore the readers to death!

Once we’d finished doing this Nick took the courtesy of showing and explaining how the company hosts websites for it’s clients. I was given an insight into the other areas of the business seeing what they do and how they do it. He also showed me how websites can be created through WordPress and the necessary security measures needed to take place alongside this. I wouldn’t say I was competent enough to go ahead and do it myself, but I believe it would turn out a lot less like a disaster than before.

After lunch I got back to writing the Glossary which was spanning over 8 pages now and was pretty immense. I touched up some of the definitions and went ahead and added in some FAQ’s to diversify it a little. At this point I felt like I knew everything there was to know about SEO and Domains however just when I thought it was done, I was swiftly given a fresh batch of new terms to include into the ever growing Zebra Glossary.

The day ended with a few posts on the social accounts, some more tweaking of my work and Nick making my own domain name for myself! After today I will have my own site, however which I am yet to decide what to use it for!

So that brings me to the end of day 4 with me ending my time here tomorrow! However it isn’t all sad as it’s Halloween tomorrow so I’m sure lots of fun and games await! Till then I shall most likely be sleeping and eating.