Why Choose a Virtual Private Server?

Cloud Virtual Servers, also known as Virtual Private Servers (VPS), are online solutions for businesses who have exceeded the need for shared hosting, and want the provision for their business to grow. VPS solutions are a cost-effective and efficient resolution for businesses who want their data stored in a secure environment. Here at Zebra Internet Services we’ve rounded up the key benefits to using a Cloud VPS.

Improved efficiency: any updates or maintenance to the server equipment is managed within the cloud itself. Next time you access the server, you will see the updated features although you do have the option to install more powerful software and resources if needed.

Costs are reduced: with cloud virtual servers there is no need to install or purchase any equipment such as rack space as it’s all hosted online within a data centre. This means your data refresh, power and maintenance costs are taking care of. Further to this, customers can choose the solution which suits their needs which includes, memory and disk space, monthly bandwidth allowance and security updates with the ability to upgrade/downgrade where appropriate.

Improved security: a virtual private server is hosted in a secure data centre, with some servers hosted in dual locations to improve disaster recovery methods. A disaster is when threats such as spam, hackers and virus’ try to attack your valuable data. At Zebra and Domaincheck we offer an added option of security management to omit such threats before they reach your server – this minimises the downtime which can affect your daily business operations.

Simple to set up: finally a VPS is very simple to set up, with little time and effort needed so you can focus on the important goals of your business and leave the cloud VPS to the experts.

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