Unravelling Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO, is the term given to a process which attempts to improve the organic visibility and ranking of a website in search engine results. Here at Zebra Internet Services, we offer online reputation management which covers all of the search engine optimisation best practices.

The SE part of SEO is the process when a search engine sends out its crawlers across the web to gather all of the content and information it can, in regards to a user’s search query. The crawlers then bring all of the content back to the search engine which then builds an index. The index is then fed through an algorithm which tries to match all of the data in your search and provide you with the best possible websites. Some of the most important factors which go into a search engine’s algorithm are as follows:

  • Link Authority Features – this factor relates to the number of quality links coming to and from your website and how trusted these links are;
  • Link Features – this includes factors such as the PageRank (PR) of the links coming to your site and the quality of the links sources;
  • Keyword and Content Features – this area looks at the quantity of content on your site and whether it will relevant to the search query, based on keywords;
  • Social Metrics – social metrics looks at the quality and quantity of Facebook shares, Tweet links and Google+1s of your site links;
  • Brand Features – this factor looks at your brand as a whole, and looks for mentions of your website and brand in the news, press and media.

The O part of SEO comes in many forms. One area of optimisation is content; this includes writing quality copy for your website ensuring that your keywords are highlighted throughout (not keyword stuffing though!), and that you have internal links linking to different areas on your website. In order to improve your organic visibility, it’s highly important to actively write and share your articles about your business, both across social media and the web to quality publishing sites. This enables greater chance of your articles being read, which in turn will increase visits to your website.

Another area of optimisation is the onsite activities which includes reviewing and editing your site’s Meta data, such as Meta descriptions, title tags and image alt tags. Another activity within onsite optimisation includes reviewing the structural and technical stability of the site, and if needed, developing the suggestions to improve the site further.

So, that’s the basics of understanding SEO, if you’re interested to find out more, and to see how Zebra Internet Services can help your business contact Zebra. As well as SEO in Newcastle, Zebra also offer domain names and web hosting and cloud virtual servers.


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Stephanie Hutcheon

Stephanie Hutcheon is Content Marketing Co-ordinator  at Zebra Internet Services.