UK Domain Price Rise: What’s going on there?

As has been reported in the national media recently, the wholesale price of UK domains provided by Nominet is increasing on 1st March 2016.

This is affecting not just the registrars who face higher costs, but the registrants who’ll have those costs passed on to them by the majority of registrars.

The affected domains include; .uk;;; &

Andrew Carter, Head of Domain & Hosting services at Newcastle based Zebra Internet Services think’s that while the increased costs may look terrifying to many, that it’s hopefully not going to be too detrimental to the industry…

“The UK domains which Nominet orchestrate have always been popular. There are well over 10 million in existence and those registrants will obviously be concerned by this price increase. Our experience at Domaincheck [Zebra’s long standing domain registration arm] is that UK domains have always been cheaper to source in comparison to generic TLD’s such as .com/.net, other country-code TLD’s like .de and .fr and even more so in comparison to the new TLD’s we’ve seen launched recently such as .cloud and .wine. This allowed us to price them lower for a very long time. The pricing hasn’t changed since 1999 which is why this is coming as a shock to most people. Prices of other TLD’s have fluctuated regularly in that time.”

“Being UK based we probably see a much higher bias towards UK registrations than some registrars will, but we’re not too worried. The new pricing may seem like a huge increase, however the cost of registration with Domaincheck will remain less than that of a .com and many other gTLD’s.”

“We’re hoping not to see too many cancellations as a result of this. Like a lot of registrars we’ve been open, honest and forthcoming with information to our client base and most of the registrant’s we’ve spoken to understand the price change, which has increased from £8.99 + VAT per year, to £10.49 + VAT per year at Domaincheck.”

“The best advice we’ve been able to give to our registrants, regardless of the size of their portfolio, is to lock in the current pricing for as long as possible. UK domains can exist for a maximum period of ten years, so most people registrants will find they can extend their registrations by 5-9 years dependant on the expiry dates saving them a reasonable amount long term and having the added benefit of having the domain secured too. One less admin job for the future can never be a bad thing.”

Nigel Meek, Business Analyst & Data Manager at Premier Foods Group Limited was one of those who followed that advice “The team at Domaincheck were really helpful when it came to how to approach the upcoming price increase. They’ve looked after our domains for years and have helped us to consolidate and renew our key domains long term which means we’ll not only save in the future, but crucial and valuable domains are secure”

“Premier Foods Group Limited were a great example” said Andrew. “A company who we work closely with seeing an opportunity and taking our advice to renew long term, not just for the financial savings, but for the knowledge that those domains were secured for the future.”

If you want to lock-in the current pricing with Domaincheck as Andrew suggests, give their team a call on 0191 2612252.

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New TLDs - Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter is our resident Domain  Name Expert, and Head of Domain and Hosting Services for