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UK Domain Price Rise: What’s going on there?

As has been reported in the national media recently, the wholesale price of UK domains provided by Nominet is increasing on 1st March 2016.

This is affecting not just the registrars who face higher costs, but the registrants who’ll have those costs passed on to them by the majority of registrars.

The affected domains include .co.uk; .uk; .org.uk; .me.uk; .ltd.uk & .plc.uk

Andrew Carter, Head of Domain & Hosting services at Newcastle based Zebra Internet Services think’s that while the increased costs may look terrifying to many, that it’s hopefully not going to be too detrimental to the industry…

“The UK domains which Nominet orchestrate have always been popular. There are well over 10 million in existence and those registrants will obviously be concerned by this price increase. Our experience at Domaincheck [Zebra’s long standing domain registration arm] is that UK domains have always been cheaper to source in comparison to generic TLD’s such as .com/.net, other country-code TLD’s like .de and .fr and even more so in comparison to the new TLD’s we’ve seen launched recently such as .cloud and .wine. This allowed us to price them lower for a very long time. The pricing hasn’t changed since 1999 which is why this is coming as a shock to most people. Prices of other TLD’s have fluctuated regularly in that time.”

“Being UK based we probably see a much higher bias towards UK registrations than some registrars will, but we’re not too worried. The new pricing may seem like a huge increase, however the cost of registration with Domaincheck will remain less than that of a .com and many other gTLD’s.”

“We’re hoping not to see too many cancellations as a result of this. Like a lot of registrars we’ve been open, honest and forthcoming with information to our client base and most of the registrant’s we’ve spoken to understand the price change, which has increased from £8.99 + VAT per year, to £10.49 + VAT per year at Domaincheck.”

“The best advice we’ve been able to give to our registrants, regardless of the size of their portfolio, is to lock in the current pricing for as long as possible. UK domains can exist for a maximum period of ten years, so most people registrants will find they can extend their registrations by 5-9 years dependant on the expiry dates saving them a reasonable amount long term and having the added benefit of having the domain secured too. One less admin job for the future can never be a bad thing.”

Nigel Meek, Business Analyst & Data Manager at Premier Foods Group Limited was one of those who followed that advice “The team at Domaincheck were really helpful when it came to how to approach the upcoming price increase. They’ve looked after our domains for years and have helped us to consolidate and renew our key domains long term which means we’ll not only save in the future, but crucial and valuable domains are secure”

“Premier Foods Group Limited were a great example” said Andrew. “A company who we work closely with seeing an opportunity and taking our advice to renew long term, not just for the financial savings, but for the knowledge that those domains were secured for the future.”

If you want to lock-in the current pricing with Domaincheck as Andrew suggests, give their team a call on 0191 2612252.

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New TLDs - Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter is our resident Domain  Name Expert, and Head of Domain and Hosting Services for domaincheck.co.uk.

Changes to UK Domain pricing – Renew now to save!

As you may be aware Nominet, the governing body of the UK namespace, have announced an increase to wholesale costs of domain registration. This will mean increased costs to domain registrars like Domaincheck and as such we’re going to have to increase the fees we charge our customers (Sorry!).

The affected domains are as follows:

    • .co.uk
    • .uk
    • .org.uk
    • .me.uk
    • .ltd.uk
    • .plc.uk

The costs will increase at the end of February from the current £8.99+VAT (1 Year) / £6.99+VAT (multi-year) to a standardised £10.49+VAT per year. (Which is still less than a .com!)

If your domain renewal order has already been issued you can renew at the current rate until 9:00am Monday 29/02/2016 when Domaincheck will be reissuing any outstanding renewals at the new rate.

We’re recommending to you all that you lock in the current lower rate for as long as possible by renewing your domain names long-term, up to a maximum of 10 years, before the rates increase. If you’ve been thinking of registering any new domains, now is the time to do so!

If you have any questions or wish to renew/register long term please call us on 0191 261 2252.

Kind Regards,
The Domaincheck Team

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New TLDs - Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter is our resident Domain  Name Expert, and Head of Domain and Hosting Services for domaincheck.co.uk.

Protect Your Mailbox With SpamExperts, Available From Domaincheck


Is your mailbox always manic? Filled with emails from users and companies who you don’t recognise? Although some of the emails may be of relevance to you, many of them are not can be nasty threats such as viruses. Here at Domaincheck we offer an exceptional anti-spam and anti-virus mail filtering service to protect yourself and your computer from such threats.

The service is called SpamExperts, and as the name implies, has a single mission – to provide security to email worldwide and diminish any spam mail you may receive.

SpamExperts are a technology focused company, who put a lot of time and investment into research and development, to stay one step ahead in the industry. All of the technologies are developed in-house and are constantly updated with weekly new features and real-time engine updates.

SpamExperts unmatched spam intelligence is a direct result of processing millions of emails every second of every day. The company applies continuous improvements in secure data collection and analysis, detecting new patterns and identifying attempted trick emails instantly. That accumulated intelligence is shared real-time with all SpamExperts users’ worldwide, assuring timely protection against new threats.

At Domaincheck we have been protecting mailboxes with SpamExperts for some time now. Their commitment to providing the best service to you, our valued client, is key. Since we implemented the service in January this year almost 10 million emails have been scanned, and over 80% of these emails were identified as spam and eliminated before even reaching the mailboxes and target client! As well as filtering out spam, the service offers other benefits too such as increased email continuity, improved resource efficiency and improved employees productivity.

It’s simple to add SpamExperts to your service, and you can add it to all of your mailboxes on your domain name for only £2 + VAT per month! If you want to find out more about how the system works or to sign up, you can read our guide or call the Domaincheck team on 0191 261 2252 today!


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New TLDs - Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter is our resident Domain  Name Expert, and Head of Domain and Hosting Services for domaincheck.co.uk.

The Benefits of Colocation

Earlier this month the team at Zebra Internet Services expressed their thoughts on why a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is beneficial for business owners. Our VPS’ live in data centres, which is how we ensure the integrity of your information. This week we are going to explore the benefits of collocating your mission critical data in data centres as opposed to in-house systems, as offered by our Zebra Internet Services team.

Maximise Business Potential: Not every business has the technical skills and infrastructure to operate servers from their office space, and having a techie with ample knowledge of such systems is essential. Ask yourself – if your server were to crash, or you had a power cut, would you be at risk of losing valuable data?

A business needs to carefully look at their infrastructure before committing to housing their own server. Collocating to a datacentre instead ensures your data has access to crucial power solutions, including diverse power feeds and distribution paths, constant monitoring of the system and various cooling systems to protect the servers from overheating.

Whilst the initial cost of colocation can seem unnecessary to businesses, adding that extra layer of security and safety actually makes it a much more cost effective option should anything go wrong.

Backing up data can also be easily overlooked if you manage your server in-house. At Zebra Internet Services, the data on your servers can be regularly saved, so if you lose any important data, our expert team are able to restore it from the point of the last back up.

Securely Located:
Data centres are considered highly secure and safe locations. This maximises security of your infrastructure; typically a data centre has 24/7 security, as well as the relevant specs to ensure the protection of your data at all times.

Data centres are fully prepared for incidents such as power cuts. They often have large banks of power and batteries which keep the electricity flowing whilst a power failure is fixed.

Need a home for your server? Contact our team today on 0191 2612252 for a rack quotation and further information on the Colocation support offered by Zebra Internet Services and

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Sean Cardus

Sean Cardus is Head of Systems at Zebra Internet Services.

Happy Birthday .uk! Domains for just £1!

.uk domain offer

.uk is one year old, and both Nominet and Domaincheck are making a big noise about it!

To celebrate, until midday July 31st you can register a new .uk domain name for just £1+VAT for a year!

Do you know what .uk is all about? This is what Nominet have to say, and you’d be mad not to listen to them as they have been regulating the whole UK namespace (.co.uk, .org.uk etc) for twenty years.

‘The new .uk domain represents a new opportunity online. The domain for a generation of digital pioneers, it is the modern domain for the future – UK values with a global reach. The new .uk domain will be defined by the people who grab it and use this exciting new territory. If you are fearless, forward-facing and ready to be part of the new UK online, this is the domain for you.’

Have you got what it takes to be part of the online future? Stephen Fry has! He was one of the first to register and uses his .uk because he was so delighted that it had been released, he’d been after it for years. Fry’s opinion is that you should be able to get to a web site as quickly as possible with the use of only three keys. Check out his site at http://www.stephenfry.uk/2014/06/10/three-strokes-and-youre-out/

The special offer is a great opportunity for those of you who already own a .co.uk domain to take up the .uk equivalent, that you have the rights to (as the nice people at Nominet recognise that if you own a .co.uk you probably don’t want someone else hijacking the new .uk) at a great discounted price! And if you’ve got a great idea for a domain but you’ve yet to act then take the chance to register your .uk today for just a pound; that’s your business, idea and piece of the future secured in one go!

Head on over to the Domaincheck shop and place your order using your existing account details or if you’re new to Domaincheck set up a new account in minutes. Any questions

Give us a call on 0191 2612252 – we love talking about Domain Names and have for over 20 years!

 *future renewals will be charged at the standard rate at that time (currently £8.99+VAT for one year)

* Multi-year registrations are NOT included in the promotion

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New TLDs - Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter is our resident Domain  Name Expert, and Head of Domain and Hosting Services for domaincheck.co.uk.

New TLDs: Maximising Business Presence Online

New TLDs

As time goes on, more and more domain names are occupied and renewed. There are only so many ‘.coms’ and ‘.co.uks’ out there, so domain regulation authorities have had to expand their Top Level Domains to cover wider, more expansive range of website suffixes that can be used by anyone. Now, instead of a dull and uninspiring ‘.com,’ people building a site can afford to be more creative and specific, helping users to better find the websites that their after whilst giving businesses stronger brands.

From a business and marketing perspective, this is a great thing. Choice is valuable to the creative process and the internet’s indomitable presence means that businesses can’t get away with remaining offline anymore, especially when it comes to start-up businesses looking to make their mark in a competitive landscape. If you’re building a site from scratch then it might be worth buying a unique TLD that can help you to set your business apart from the others.

Domaincheck provides a wide array Top Level Domains (TLD) that can be used by a wide variety of businesses and we’re constantly acquiring more and more for a truly expansive list to purchase from.

We’re spotlighting the following three new TLD’s this week:

  • .boutique
  • .clothing
  • .shoes

It’s easy to see what you can use these new TLDs for. The fashion industry is one of the largest and most financially successful lines of business out there, fuelled in part by the wake of the online shopping boom that is still going strong today. Some of the biggest fashion brands out there have flourishing online stores and in some cases it’s where they receive most of their revenue. Convenience compels people to buy online and it’s something that developing fashion companies should take advantage of.

When establishing your business online it’s important that you focus on the strength of your brand, and using a thematically appropriate TLD can be a great way to building it up. For one, it’s incredibly convenient and let’s your potential customers know exactly what it is you’re selling before they even start navigating your site. When it comes to fashion people know what they like and tend to have a specific idea in mind when making purchases online; take advantage of that and give them a real reason to click on your website.

The listed new TLDs are can also be applied to a broader context for your business. For example, a business that specialises in shoes can make use of the ‘.shoes’ TLD for their website, but an online boutique could use ‘.boutique’ for their main site and ‘.shoes’ for that specific aspect of sales. Utilising the TLDs in this way can be a handy way to promote strong traffic flow to your sites online, thereby increasing your chances for purchase and more revenue.

Fashion is a broad industry that encompasses many different forms, from clothes to shoes and accessories; maximise your site’s exposure through relevant TLDs such as the ones now on sale at www.domaincheck.co.uk.

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New TLDs - Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter is our resident Domain  Name Expert, and General Manager of domaincheck.co.uk.

Zebra partners with CloudFlare!

How CloudFlare increases speed and security of your site…

This is a guest post written and contributed by CloudFlare.  CloudFlare makes it easy for any site to be as fast and secure as the Internet giants.

CloudFlare, a web performance and security company, is excited to announce our partnership with Zebra Internet Services! If you haven’t heard about CloudFlare before, our value proposition is simple: we’ll make any website twice as fast and protect it from a broad range of web threats.

Today, hundreds of thousands of websites—ranging from individual blogs to e-commerce sites to the websites of Fortune 500 companies to national governments—use CloudFlare to make their sites faster and more secure. We power more than 65 billion monthly page views—more than Amazon, Wikipedia, Twitter, Zynga, AOL, Apple, Bing, eBay, PayPal and Instagram combined—and over 25% of the Internet’s population regularly passes through our network.

 Faster web performance

CloudFlare is designed to take a great hosting platform like Zebra Internet Services and make it even better.

We run 23 data centers strategically located around the world. When you sign up for CloudFlare, we begin routing your traffic to the nearest data center.

As your traffic passes through the data centers, we intelligently determine what parts of your website are static versus dynamic. The static portions are cached on our servers for a short period of time, typically less than 2 hours before we check to see if they’ve been updated. By automatically moving the static parts of your site closer to your visitors, the overall performance of your site improves significantly.

CloudFlare’s intelligent caching system also means you save bandwidth, which means saving money, and decreases the load on your servers, which means your web application will run faster and more efficiently than ever. On average, CloudFlare customers see a 60% decrease in bandwidth usage, and a 65% in total requests to their servers. The overall effect is that CloudFlare will typically cut the load time for pages on your site by 50% which means higher engagement and happier visitors.

 Broad web security

Over the course of 2011, CloudFlare identified a 700% increase in the number of distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) we track on the Internet . As attacks like these increase, CloudFlare is stepping up to protect sites.

CloudFlare’s security protections offer a broad range of protections against attacks such as DDoS, hacking or spam submitted to a blog or comment form. What is powerful about our approach is that the system gets smarter the more sites that are part of the CloudFlare community.

We analyze the traffic patterns of hundreds of millions of visitors in real time and adapt the security systems to ensure good traffic gets through and bad traffic is stopped.

In time, our goal is nothing short of making attacks against websites a relic of history. And, given our scale and the billions of different attacks we see and adapt to every year, we’re well on our way to achieving that for sites on the CloudFlare network.

 Signing up

Any website can deploy CloudFlare, regardless of your underlying platform. By integrating closely with Zebra Internet Services and , we make the process of setting up CloudFlare “1 click easy” through your existing Domaincheck Control Panel. Just look for the CloudFlare icon in the “Applications” section and click the Install button.  That’s it!

We’ve kept the price as low as possible and Cloudflare offered through Zebra Internet Services is free.

Moreover, we never charge you for bandwidth or storage, therefore saving you tons via reduced bandwidth costs.

For site owners who would like to take advantage of CloudFlare’s advanced offerings, we also offer a ‘Pro’ tier of service for $20/month. The ‘Pro’ tier includes all of the ‘Free’ tier’s offerings, as well as lots of extra features such as SSL, full web application firewall and faster analytics.

We’re proud that every day more than a thousand new sites, including some of the largest on the web, join the CloudFlare community. If you’re looking for a faster, safer website, you’ve got a good start with Zebra Internet Services, but the next step is to join the CloudFlare community…


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Sean Cardus

Sean Cardus is Head of Systems at Zebra Internet Services.

Cyber Security: Why your online gossip consumption could be affecting your [computer’s] health…

Cyber security is certainly not a subject to be taken lightly by anyone; whether you use the internet to drive traffic and leads to your site, or if you frequently use the web as an information or news source.

A shocking annual survey by global American software security firm McAfee revealed that those searching the web for news and gossip from their favourite celebrities are being frequently targeted by malicious sites hoping to draw on the naivety of many web users.

As reported by a number of major news outlets including the BBC and the Independent last week, 15% of search results related to X-Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini contained download options or online threats that were hazardous to users. As a result, McAfee have quite amusingly named Cheryl as ‘the most dangerous celebrity on the web’ (prompting even more searches we imagine).

But how can you avoid such dangers when indulging in your daily binge of celeb gossip, or searching for valuable information about companies or news stories online? Zebra Internet Services and Domaincheck have compiled a list of the top 5 warning signs for internet users concerned about vulnerability:

  1. Domain Names: Does the destination of the link look safe? Is the domain name (web address) something you recognise or that is the same as the expected website? (e.g. bbc.co.uk or mailonline.com) Or is the target of the link actually something that looks dodgy?
  2. Appearance: If you get to a website with a poor layout, top heavy and suspicious looking advertising, and has generally low-quality appearance and content, avoid downloading anything.
  3. Advertising: Pop ups. We’re seeing less and less of them of higher quality sites, and most browsers are defaulted to block them due to high risk. Are the pop ups related to gambling sites, loans or something that looks a tad dodgy? Avoid!
  4. Security: If the website has a security certificate, is it in date? Be wary if you’re then required to submit any personal information.
  5. Personal Information: Remember the cautionary tale of Rumpelstiltskin, the more information you freely give out the greater your risk of someone using that information against you.


Our technical team recommend that you don’t download anything from a website unless you are specifically there to download that software, and in your web browser enable ‘phishing and malware protection’ or ‘safe browsing’ options if available.

If you’re worried about keeping your computer safe generally, you could always browse our range of security solutions at http://www.domaincheck.co.uk/antivirus.htm.


Who’s your #TeamZebra expert?

Sean Cardus

Sean Cardus is Head of Systems at Zebra Internet Services.

New TLDs: How to Make the Most of your Domains

There are two great ways to take advantage of newly released top level domain names (new TLDs) and I just wanted to make sure you’ve all considered this when you’re looking at your next domain purchase.

Firstly, you now have a great chance to get hold of a snappy, memorable domain that was previously pretty much fully taken, where you had competitors or other parties holding the .com or .co.uk versions and you didn’t want to take a less popular variant. You’ve now got hundreds of new variations to choose from, thanks to the powers that be recognising the need for an increase in choice as more and more businesses take to the web to showcase their services. And the increased publicity from all the launches means that society is becoming accepting of the changes that are taking place online.

Perhaps even more importantly, you can now get super-specific with your domains. The new TLDs are so varied that you can use them to enhance your web presence from the get-go. Take, for example, the recent release of the .dental suffix:

Mypractice.dental is instantly recognisable a being related to the dental industry and is surely a must have TLD for those working within it. Similarly the likes of .catering, .cleaning, .education, .florist, .pub, .rentals and hundreds more give a potential visitor insight into a business before you even view a site.

Where to purchase your new TLDs

The current list of TLDs currently available to be registered can be found on the Domaincheck website – http://www.domaincheck.co.uk/domain-names-gtld-list1.htm.

With more TLD’s being released every week, the new opportunities are endless. Keep an eye on our Facebook account and on Twitter @the_zebras for weekly updates, and if you’d like to register some either head to our Domaincheck store or give us a call on 0191 2612252.


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New TLDs - Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter is our resident Domain  Name Expert, and General Manager of domaincheck.co.uk.

Nominet Launch .uk Suffix

.uk suffixIt’s been a pretty big year for the domain name industry, with the launch of the new TLDs by ICANN dominating domain news headlines.

Now leading UK domain registry Nominet have joined in the fun by announcing the upcoming release of the short and sweet .uk suffix.

.uk, which will launch on June 10th this year, is designed to be targeted at the more ‘modern’ business, offering a simplistic yet sleek approach to website identity, which Nominet believe makes .uk a more worthy rival to .com.

Some critics argue that the current contender, .co.uk, has already become as ingrained on the mind of internet users as .com, but only time will tell whether the shorter version domain becomes a preferred option for UK business owners.

So why are Nominet doing this? Never before has technology been so closely linked with the personality of the user, and a more social approach to the internet has meant that even domain purchases have seen shifts in consumer behaviour.

Nominet’s marketing angle revolves on the concept of the entire .uk portfolio (including .uk, .co.uk, .org.uk and .me.uk) being billed as a family, with each branch representing a different segment of their target market. The logos for the .uk domains have also had a facelift of sorts, and those with a sharp eye may have noticed that the ‘k’ of the .uk domain has been constructed from the widely recognised digital ‘share’ symbol.

Of course, there are other subtle indicators of Nominet’s brand value within the new logo, cleverly dissected in their recent YouTube video publicising the .uk launch. It’s release will also allow for more room within the world of domains, giving businesses a chance to further secure their digital brand and develop their domain portfolio. Registrants of the existing .co.uk domain are also offered ‘first refusal’ on a .uk domain, which should help eliminate immediate issues of typosquatting within brands.

With all of the recently launched TLDs, the full impact on search engine rankings is not yet known, but common sense would suggest that the likes of Google and Bing will have to evolve their algorithm to account for what will most likely become the norm for domain names in upcoming years.

For help or enquiries surrounding the launch of .uk, or indeed any of the new TLDs, please visit http://www.domaincheck.co.uk.

Who’s your #TeamZebra expert?

Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter is our resident Domain Name Expert, and General Manager of                                domaincheck.co.uk.