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Changes to UK Domain pricing – Renew now to save!

As you may be aware Nominet, the governing body of the UK namespace, have announced an increase to wholesale costs of domain registration. This will mean increased costs to domain registrars like Domaincheck and as such we’re going to have to increase the fees we charge our customers (Sorry!).

The affected domains are as follows:

    • .co.uk
    • .uk
    • .org.uk
    • .me.uk
    • .ltd.uk
    • .plc.uk

The costs will increase at the end of February from the current £8.99+VAT (1 Year) / £6.99+VAT (multi-year) to a standardised £10.49+VAT per year. (Which is still less than a .com!)

If your domain renewal order has already been issued you can renew at the current rate until 9:00am Monday 29/02/2016 when Domaincheck will be reissuing any outstanding renewals at the new rate.

We’re recommending to you all that you lock in the current lower rate for as long as possible by renewing your domain names long-term, up to a maximum of 10 years, before the rates increase. If you’ve been thinking of registering any new domains, now is the time to do so!

If you have any questions or wish to renew/register long term please call us on 0191 261 2252.

Kind Regards,
The Domaincheck Team

Who’s your #TeamZebra expert?

New TLDs - Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter is our resident Domain  Name Expert, and Head of Domain and Hosting Services for domaincheck.co.uk.