The Importance Of Search Rankings For Businesses

When you type in a search query or keyword into Google you expect to see relevant results with the top results being the most accurate to your search. The positioning of these results are known as search engine rankings. The team at Zebra Internet Services have gathered their knowledge to explain why rankings are so important for businesses.


Where your website is ranked for each keyword search is based on how Google crawls your pages and indexes them. It’s vital that the copy and content on the page is relevant to the keyword search, you don’t want your page to be mis-leading. For example, if you had a page on your site which sold gardening tools, you wouldn’t want ‘kitchen tools’ as one of your keywords as you would be attracting the wrong kind of visitors who would immediately leave your site once they realise it’s not relevant to their search query. This can damage your brand if people associate your site with regular wrong results, they will not use your site in the future.


Research conducted by HubSpot last year found that 75% of people don’t scroll past the first page of search results. We believe this is down to trust, users believe that Google will bring the most legitimate websites to their query in the top results (unless of course they are paid for), and if not, they will reword their search until they get the results they want to see. Therefore, it’s important that your web copy and Meta data is up-to-date and that it describes the content on the page.


Google not only crawls your website based on your keywords and copy, but also by how many quality sites are linking to yours. The more quality websites you have linking to your website, the more authoritative Google views your site and this indicates that you are a professional in your area of business, which in turn pushes your website up in the rankings.

In order to attain positive rankings, you need to bring in the experts, such as the team at Zebra (not to blow our own trumpets!). So, if you are interested and want to find out more how Zebra Internet Services can help search rankings for businesses today, contact Zebra. As well as our online reputation management services, we also offer domain names and web hosting and VPS solutions, visit to find out more.

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Stephanie Hutcheon

Stephanie Hutcheon is Content Marketing Co-ordinator  at Zebra Internet Services.