The Key To Content Marketing

Content marketing is fast becoming the most important trend for digital marketers according to a survey conducted by Smart Insights in 2015. Not only does it inform consumers about a brand or business but it also engages and provides people with expert knowledge, to help them through the buying decision process of many products and services. Here at Zebra Internet Services we have gathered the top reasons as to why content marketing is key for any business.

Promote your business and provide expert knowledge

Content can be anything from articles, blogs, videos, infographics, how-to-guides, the list goes on; basically anything that isn’t a mission statement or press release which can be shared across the web to your customers, followers and fans. The content created is your time to shine; it’s time to show your existing and potential customers how much you know about your business and really share your expertise. The main achievement from content is to inform and teach your readers about your business, products and services, and how they can benefit from using them. You want to make the decision process easier for the customer, not more confusing, so use language that your target audience would use.

Increase traffic to your website

Good content which engages the reader will make them want to visit your website to find out more about your products and services, and even try to dig a little deeper to find out about your business as a whole. Having a call-to-action such as your website, your phone number or email are all good things to include at least once in your content so the reader knows the next step they need to take. Further to this, good content equals sharing around the web, if someone likes what they are reading they will share it across their social media sites and blogs creating a whirlwind uplift of awareness around your brand and business. The team at Zebra are professionals in the social media marketing field and can help to increase traffic to both your social accounts and website.

Increased conversion rates

Usually, we find the more content that is marketed across the web, the bigger chance your business has of converting website visits to enquiries and sales. As mentioned previously, the knowledge which you share in your content will be highlighted throughout, showing the customer you know what you are talking about and you can give professional advice on any question which may arise from a potential customer. Customers prefer to use products and services from businesses who are trustworthy and confident within their industry, so tell no lies as they will catch up with you one day!

Improved ranking in search engines

Finally, we find quality, targeted content to be key for improving website rankings in search results. When producing content you need to ensure that keywords relevant to the content and to your business are included. For example, if you are writing a blog promoting summer gardening tools you need to ensure that ‘gardening tools’ is highlighted throughout with at least a few links to your website to the relevant gardening tool pages. Further to this, the greater your presence across the web, the greater chance of your website, social media accounts and blogs ranking higher in Google and other search engines.

As well as online reputation management, here at Zebra Internet Services we also offer Domain Names and Hosting, Cloud Virtual Servers and Pay-Per-Click Marketing. You can read and follow our expertise on our Zebra Social blog.

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Stephanie Hutcheon

Stephanie Hutcheon is Content Marketing Co-ordinator  at Zebra Internet Services.