Happy Birthday .uk! Domains for just £1!

.uk domain offer

.uk is one year old, and both Nominet and Domaincheck are making a big noise about it!

To celebrate, until midday July 31st you can register a new .uk domain name for just £1+VAT for a year!

Do you know what .uk is all about? This is what Nominet have to say, and you’d be mad not to listen to them as they have been regulating the whole UK namespace (.co.uk, .org.uk etc) for twenty years.

‘The new .uk domain represents a new opportunity online. The domain for a generation of digital pioneers, it is the modern domain for the future – UK values with a global reach. The new .uk domain will be defined by the people who grab it and use this exciting new territory. If you are fearless, forward-facing and ready to be part of the new UK online, this is the domain for you.’

Have you got what it takes to be part of the online future? Stephen Fry has! He was one of the first to register and uses his .uk because he was so delighted that it had been released, he’d been after it for years. Fry’s opinion is that you should be able to get to a web site as quickly as possible with the use of only three keys. Check out his site at http://www.stephenfry.uk/2014/06/10/three-strokes-and-youre-out/

The special offer is a great opportunity for those of you who already own a .co.uk domain to take up the .uk equivalent, that you have the rights to (as the nice people at Nominet recognise that if you own a .co.uk you probably don’t want someone else hijacking the new .uk) at a great discounted price! And if you’ve got a great idea for a domain but you’ve yet to act then take the chance to register your .uk today for just a pound; that’s your business, idea and piece of the future secured in one go!

Head on over to the Domaincheck shop and place your order using your existing account details or if you’re new to Domaincheck set up a new account in minutes. Any questions

Give us a call on 0191 2612252 – we love talking about Domain Names and have for over 20 years!

 *future renewals will be charged at the standard rate at that time (currently £8.99+VAT for one year)

* Multi-year registrations are NOT included in the promotion

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