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Why Choose a Virtual Private Server?

Cloud Virtual Servers, also known as Virtual Private Servers (VPS), are online solutions for businesses who have exceeded the need for shared hosting, and want the provision for their business to grow. VPS solutions are a cost-effective and efficient resolution for businesses who want their data stored in a secure environment. Here at Zebra Internet Services we’ve rounded up the key benefits to using a Cloud VPS.

Improved efficiency: any updates or maintenance to the server equipment is managed within the cloud itself. Next time you access the server, you will see the updated features although you do have the option to install more powerful software and resources if needed.

Costs are reduced: with cloud virtual servers there is no need to install or purchase any equipment such as rack space as it’s all hosted online within a data centre. This means your data refresh, power and maintenance costs are taking care of. Further to this, customers can choose the solution which suits their needs which includes, memory and disk space, monthly bandwidth allowance and security updates with the ability to upgrade/downgrade where appropriate.

Improved security: a virtual private server is hosted in a secure data centre, with some servers hosted in dual locations to improve disaster recovery methods. A disaster is when threats such as spam, hackers and virus’ try to attack your valuable data. At Zebra and Domaincheck we offer an added option of security management to omit such threats before they reach your server – this minimises the downtime which can affect your daily business operations.

Simple to set up: finally a VPS is very simple to set up, with little time and effort needed so you can focus on the important goals of your business and leave the cloud VPS to the experts.

If you are interested in the VPS solutions offered from Domaincheck, part of Zebra Internet Services, visit today for more information. If you want to be kept up-to-date on our latest blog posts follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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VPS – What you need to know


Let’s look at one of the fastest growing areas in tech for small & medium businesses – the VPS.

What’s a VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and is what’s usually meant when people describe hosting their servers ‘in the cloud’.

If you’ve outgrown traditional web hosting, but are not yet in a position to require dedicated hardware, a VPS allows you to store your information on a dedicated slice of a larger, physical server. As a result, this reduces your overhead costs without compromising on quality. As your business grows, so can your ‘server slice’, meaning it’s fully scalable until the point dedicated server hardware becomes more viable.

Why do I need a VPS?

If we compare a VPS to a traditional shared web hosting package, you instantly get the following benefits:

  •  Full system administrator “root” access, providing you with the ability to fully customise & alter the software running on your VPS.
    Want to remove Apache and install NGinx? Want to try out MemcacheD? Do your applications require PostgreSQL rather than MySQL? No problem, anything’s possible!
  • Security. Whilst shared hosting packages are secure – The software a customer uses on their hosting may not be. For example, one customers out-of-date WordPress installation can cause issues for other customers on the shared hosting server. A VPS isolates you and your resources from other customers.
  • Dedicated server resources. Your VPS has a guaranteed slice of CPU, memory and disk resources for anything you require.
  • Consistent predictable performance. With traditional shared hosting, all the websites have equal access to the available resources on the server. If one company starts a marketing push to drive up traffic to their website it might slow down your site as the server handles each visitor on a first-come first-served basis. With a VPS you have ring fenced resources, so the traffic to other websites will no longer affect your visitors.
  • Disk space. Our VPS plans provide more space for email, websites, databases or anything else your applications need.
  • Choose from a range of Linux distributions.
    Prefer Ubuntu over Debian or CentOS? No problem – The choice is yours.
    Changed your mind afterwards? That’s ok too – Just fire up our online control panel and re-install your VPS within minutes.
  • Hosting multiple websites? A single VPS may be better value for money than purchasing multiple shared hosting packages!

Where do I start?

Just click here to take a look at our online shop and browse the packages we have available. You can choose a “bare” server with just a basic Linux installation, or you can install the latest Parallels Plesk 12 control panel software.


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Sean Cardus

Sean Cardus is Head of Systems at Zebra Internet Services.

Business Buzzwords: Cloud Servers

Data Centre Services

If you’re a business looking for a high-performance, low-cost solution to hosting your data, you might have explored the notion of placing it in ‘the cloud’.

A confusing term, most commonly known for its association with Apple data storing products, the term ‘cloud’ has multiple meanings in the technology industry, which can make the prospect of placing your information on the nearest nimbostratus a little daunting.

When it comes to businesses, cloud servers are seen as a stable and controlled solution for those who don’t require their own dedicated hardware. Confused? We don’t blame you. At Zebra Internet Services, we’ve stripped back the lingo and offer the real deal for storing your mission critical data, using the slightly more accurate term of VPS Hosting.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which is what’s usually meant when people describe hosting their information on the infamous cloud. In fact, what you’re actually doing is storing your information on a slice of a larger, physical server, which reduces your overhead costs without compromising on quality. As your business grows, so can your ‘server slice’, meaning you’re supported until the point a dedicated server becomes more viable.

Each VPS has the ability to run bespoke settings and operating systems, without affecting the entire server. The benefits of individual CPU usage and RAM make them an extremely attractive prospect to those running websites without a hugely complex functionality.

There are of course many businesses who need something more substantial than VPS hosting, in which case Zebra’s datacentre services division are on hand to ensure the safe-keeping and function of your material. Our ISO9001 accredited facilities, located in Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Redcar and North Yorkshire are a safe, managed solution for those with larger storage needs. Call 0191 2612252 to speak to a member of our datacentre team.

 Who’s your #TeamZebra expert?

Sean Cardus

Sean Cardus is Head of Systems at Zebra Internet Services.