Can Your Customers Find You On Google?

That might sound like a silly question, but the unfortunate reality is that so many businesses nowadays forget to include SEO and Online Marketing as part of their mandate.

We’re approaching a very important time in the business calendar, when next year’s budgets are finalised and we’re making growth projections and targets for the financial year ahead, and it’s vital that you consider web presence marketing as part of that strategy.

SEO, in its most basic terms, means taking action to ensure that your website is shown when someone searches for your related products and services in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It’s about showing the search engines that you deserve to be ranked at the top, whatever your industry. If you’re a piano teacher, you want to appear when somebody in your local area types that into the search box, and if you’re an online retro sweet shop, you want to appear when people search for products that you sell. It applies to almost every business, yet only around 20% of UK businesses factor in SEO as part of their marketing plan.

At Zebra Internet Services, we’re all about helping businesses like you make a success of yourself online. For over 20 years now we’ve been working with clients across the world to add value to their digital presence, right through from the initial purchase of a domain name, to looking after social media accounts when business owners just don’t have the time. We’ve worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, from micro-businesses to multinational household brands, and we’re proud of the success our clients have seen over the years.

As well as a website having a strong structural integrity, one of the biggest influences a business can have on Google is a dynamic content marketing strategy. This means writing, sharing and blogging about key trends and events in your industry, and sharing that knowledge across the internet in order to earn serious kudos with the search engines. The goal here is to show the likes of Google that you have a level of influence or authority in your marketplace, and thus you should rank highly for your keywords when potential customers are searching for them.

As you can imagine, this is certainly not an instantaneous process. Just like with human relationships and interaction, respect and authority is not assumed, it’s earned. SEO is nobody’s one-hit wonder, and requires commitment, strategy, and execution if you want it be a success. That’s where Team Zebra come in. Our SEO and Online Reputation team are trained and managed to the highest standard, coming from a variety of backgrounds in technology, journalism, PR and physical marketing. This means they can construct a solution that not only fits your business, but adds value to it.

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Camille Taylor

Camille Taylor is Head of SEO and Online Reputation management at Zebra.